• Let your site stand out from the rest with the bold look of Pantheon! It's amazing features such as the background rotator, full transparency, SEO optimized and so much more will get your site noticed!

    Easily set your own custom highlight color. This color controls most of the hyperlinks, titles, font colors, and more on the entire site to give you site the color options that you need. This is all done by one parameter in the template configuration. More Information...
  • Need a site that's site that can be set to fluid width? Not a problem, Pantheon's robust set of features allows you to set the overall width of the site to either fixed width of fluid width. Once you choose one of these options you can then set the width to any pixel size of percentage that you wish.

    In addition to setting the overall width of the site you can also set the width of the right and left module columns to any size you need; set them as narrow or as wide as you would like. This great feature gives you ultimate flexibility in layout control! More Information...
  • Creating a site that need support for right to left languages? Pantheon is programmed to automatically detect the language parameter of each Joomla language xml file and if it is set as a right to left language the site will automatically adjust to this layout with no need to configure any settings. See a Demo...

    Not only is this template great looking but it is great for search engine optimization as well! What is SEO? It is simple the act of altering a web site so that it does well in the organic, crawler-based listings of search engines. More Information...
  • Need your site up and operational in a hurry? Not a problem Shape 5 templates come with Site Shapers. These packages are quick installs of Joomla pre-installed with our demo data. You can have your site up and running just like our demo in just minutes!

    No more importing SQL dumps and installing modules. Just download the Pantheon Site Shaper from our site and imply install the Site Shaper like any other Joomla installation, it's that easy! More Information...

Right to Left Languages

Right to left languages are detected by the Joomla language files parameters and are automatically inverted and displayed on your website in right to left. Live Preview...

Fully Transparent Theme

Pantheon is 100% transparent with the ability to set one static background or rotate through a set of images. These feature take the design of your site to a new level! More Info...

Fixed or Fluid Width Option

Set your site to either fixed or fluid width with one simple setting and adjust the width of each column. This is done easily in the configuration page. Tell Me More...

Site Shaper Available

A Site Shaper is a quick way to get your site looking like our demo in just minutes! It includes Joomla itself, this template and any extensions that you see. It also installs the same data you see, making an exact copy of this demo.

Rotate or Not to Rotate?

As you can see Pantheon comes an amazing option for rotating background images. This is completely optional and if you would like you can simply disable it and use one static image that will appear on all pages with no rotation.

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